*NEW* sippy cup replacement o-rings

Two spare silicone o-rings - especially for the matte lid sippy cup. To remove o-ring, pull the o-ring’s pull tab from the inner rim. To insert o-ring, 

Hold o-ring with one finger in the rim of the lid to keep it in place. Use another finger to run alongside the o-ring around the rim. Be careful not to push too hard with sharp objects, such as nails, as they may tear the o-ring. Repeat step 2 twice to ensure o-ring is tightly in place. Ensure the o-ring’s pull tab sits on the outside of the inner rim, pull tab should not sit inside the inner rim. Screw in your base and your cup is leak proof and ready to use!

Dishwasher safe. Made from silicone. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free. 

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